“Sevan” National Park” SNCO is a non-profit ecological, scientific-research organization, which has a status of Legal Person. The main goal of activity of national park is to provide the stable utilization of natural resources, natural ecosystems, landscape varieties, biodiversity, natural heritage in the park territory, protection, conservation, recovery, regeneration, inventory and monitoring. The organization provides the conservation of natural ecosystems of the lake Sevan basin, landscape varieties and biodiversity, gene pool, natural heritage and organizes the scientific- research of these all. “Sevan” National Park” SNCO has to arrange and fulfill the accounting of natural ecosystems and its separate components as well as accounting of flora and fauna. National park should prepare indispensable materials for Cadastre keeping, carry out the ecological monitoring, supervise system of nature chronology, arrange the activity of nature museum, conduct cognitive tourism, educational events for educational institutions and practical trainings, and also should prevent human actions, which violate the balance of park’s natural ecosystems. It undertakes fire safety measurements and fulfills also diverse events directing to ecological education of the population, promotes to the organizing of the cognitive tourism services, prepares and publishes scientific and cognitive literature and directories. The organization has a central office and 7 branches: Sevan, Noratus, Martuni, Vardenik, Vardenis, Arevik and Ardanish, which are implementing basic functions of the organization.

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