It is located at the southwestern part of the national park near the river estuaries of Tsakqar, Lich and Argichi and covers an area of 1175 ha, of which the terrestrial part covers 482 ha, and the aquatic part-693ha. The total length of the boundary is 13.3 km. The area of the reserve extends at 3.8 km length and 3.7km width.

The objective of the reserve is to ensure conservation of Lichq mineral waters; aquatic and wetland biodiversity of residual lakelets near the estuaries of the Lichq and Argichi rivers, nesting areas of birds, and spawning and development of valuable and unique fish species like Sevan trout, Khrami carp-Varicorhinus capoeta sevangi and Sevan barble – Barbus goktschaicus.

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