Recreation zone

The total area of recreation zone for Sevan national park is 4753 ha, stretched along the shoreline with different patches. The territory of the national park includes 8 recreation zones.

Economic zone

The areas of economic zones of Sevan national park are situated in the following sections: from city Sevan to Tsovagyugh, from Lchashen to Hayravanq, from Noratus peninsula to the river Tsakqar, from the river Argichi to Tsovak village, from the river Geghamasar to Artanish peninsula and on southwestern slopes of the Areguni mountain range. The total length of the economic zone in this section is 11184 ha.

Nature-scientific museum

Nature-scientific museum of “Sevan” national park SNCO was founded in 1996 and works till now. The main goal of its activity is to provide society with information about surrounding environment of Sevan region, about its history, fauna, flora, lithosphere,etc. The collection works of museum-pieces began exactly at first days of foundation of national park and were acquired through donation or purchase.  In the museum there are demonstrated about 700 m...


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Natural and Cultural Heritage: Characteristics

The territory of the National Park and its buffer zone contains 1489 historical and cultural monuments (including natural monuments), among these are the following: 4 natural monuments; 5 Stone Age ancient locations; 19 cave shelters; 1 town settlement; 31 settlements; 94 village settlements; 8 ethnographic houses; 78 fortresses; 2 towers; 6 bridges; 2 traveler shelters; 9 water mill complexes and 17 separate mills: ...


“Sevan” National Park” SNCO is a non-profit ecological, scientific-research organization, which has a status of Legal Person. The main goal of activity of national park is to provide the stable utilization of natural resources, natural ecosystems, landscape varieties, biodiversity, natural heritage in the park territory, protection, conservation, recovery, regeneration, inventory and monitoring. The organization provides the conservation of natural ecosyst...


1727 species of vascular plants are listed in the National Park and in its buffer zone. In addition on the “Sevan” National Park’’ territory grow 1145 species of vascular plants and 1587 species in the buffer zone. The flora of the park is represented by 28 tree species, 42 bush species, 866 perennial herbages, 209 annual and biennial plants. The buffer zone flora includes 32 tree species, 102 bush species, 1146 perennial herbages and 307 annual and bienni...


There are 44 species of mammals on the territory of “Sevan” national park and in its buffer zone, which belong to the following taxonomic order. Rodents ( Rodentia) Rabbits (Logomorpha ) Insect eaters (Insectivora) Bats (Chiroptera) Predators (Carnivora) Hoofed mammals (Artiodactyla ) 6 species from mentioned are included in the Red book of Armenia Crested porcupine Otter Brown bear Motley marten Forest cat Bezoar...


There are in “Sevan” national park and in its buffer zone 16 species of reptiles, 11 of which belong to taxonomic order of lizards (Lacertilia) and 5 species belong to snakes (Serpentes) taxonomic order. Some of these species are listed in the Red book of Armenia: steppe-runner/Arguta (E. a.transcaucasica) and Asia Minor lizard/dwarf lizard (Lacerta parva). Asia Minor lizard (Lacerta parva) Sand lizard (Lacerta agilis brevicaudata) Dice snake (N


There are 4 species of amphibians on the national park territory and in its buffer zone, which belong to the Salientia taxonomic order. Marsh frog (Rana ridibunda) Long-legged wood frog (Rana macrocnemis) European green toad (Bufo viridis) European tree frog (a.shelkovnikovi) ...