Location, structure and history: The fort is situated between the villages of Martuni and Aygut bout 6km to the north-west of the village of Martuni and 3km to the north-east of the village of Aygut. The fort is situated on the Southern foothills of the Murkhuz mountain range on the right bank of the river Getik, 1km south-west of a location called Aghjaghala. There are ruins of constructions and a church, as well as khachkars preserved here on the top of mount Aghjaghala in front of the Northern view of “Karmir Yeghtsi” or Hin Getik/Old Getik monastery.
The castle is made of split gullets of local calcareous rock of whitish tint and calcimine. In the inside the monument is full of stone piles and has no clear drawing visibility. Within the are of the monument there is a preserved large settlement bearing the same name with ruins of a church from the 13-14c., and several cemeteries also dating back to the 10-14c.

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